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            The business offices of  Flashlights Unlimited were temporarily closed
            due to medical reasons, but we have reopened.  Most new orders are
            being processed within 24 to 48 hours. Please call us at 912-999-6378
            if you have any questions or urgent needs.  We sincerely thank you for
            your patience as we recover normal business operations and intervals!

            See our full line of specialty lights for OAP fluorescent coatings inspection. Click here.
            Check out the latest INOVA series T flashlights, including the USB rechargeable T4R.
            Got bulbs?  Find popular bulbs for MagLite, Princeton Tec, and Streamlight flashlights.
            Also visit our Discounts page for wonderful deals on nylon holsters and krypton bulbs.
            Do you need replacement bulbs for your Himalayan salt (pink rock) lamps? Click here.

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Export Changes - Lithium Batteries

For our international and military customers especially, please note the following im-
portant updates to the regulations regarding overseas shipments of lithium batteries.
The lithium battery transportation safety regulations  have been changing every year
since the late-2000's.  As of 01 January 2016, the regulations have been revised yet
again, and some of the latest rules are actually less restrictive, but there are still tight
limitations on the types and quantities of lithium-powered items that we can ship via
postal mail and commercial carriers. Some of the major commercial carriers (FedEx
and DHL) now require active federal hazmat licensing for international lithium battery
shipments of any kind (even for small lithium batteries, when installed in equipment),
so there are now fewer delivery choices available for exports of lithium battery items.

Domestic Orders
Special labeling and packaging are often required for shipments with lithium batteries,
even for customers who have non-military addresses located within the USA (including
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam), but most domestic packages can be mailed
without problems. And only items that have batteries containing lithium are affected by
these safety regulations, so we can ship most items without lithium batteries via cost-
effective US Postal Service methods as before.  However, as before, any orders that
have bulk quantities of uninstalled  lithium primary lithium batteries (disposable types)
must be shipped only by surface methods (USPS Parcel Select or UPS Ground only).
Air shipments of uninstalled lithium batteries are not permitted, and orders requesting
this will be automatically reverted to a surface method with an adjusted shipping cost.

Military Orders
However, customers who have only military mail delivery addresses (specifically APO,
DPO or FPO) cannot place any orders for uninstalled lithium batteries of any kind, and
if you order any product that includes more than two lithium batteries, we will be able to
ship it to you only after we entirely remove all of the lithium batteries from the item. Any
single package cannot contain a total of more than two lithium batteries (disposable or
rechargeable), and they must be securely installed in the item that they will operate. So
for example, we can ship two 3-Volt flashlights (each having a CR123A battery), or one
6-Volt flashlight (with two CR123A batteries), but we cannot ship a 9-Volt model (using
three CR123A batteries) unless we remove all of the lithium batteries prior to shipment.

International Orders
As with military orders, any one international postal mail package cannot now contain
more than two lithium metal or lithium ion batteries, installed in the equipment they run.
For non-military international customers who wish to order lithium-powered flashlights
that contain more than two lithium batteries, we can ship those orders only using UPS,
and expect the shipping costs to be dramatically higher than they would have been for
postal delivery. For customers in Canada only, we can offer low-cost surface shipping
via the UPS Standard method.  However, for most other international destinations, we
must use a commercial airfreight carrier, and the starting rates for small packages will
typically be US$100.00 or more. You can avoid the higher shipping charges only if the
total order includes no more than two installed lithium batteries, or if we remove all the
lithium batteries from your items prior to export (and then ship by postal mail methods).

Because the postal regulations regarding lithium batteries are complex, and because
our online shopping cart system applies shipping charges based upon postal delivery
methods, we strongly urge all military and international customers to contact us before
placing any order that contains lithium batteries of any kind. Otherwise, your order may
be delayed while we contact you to determine a suitable shipping method and its cost.

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Special Offers

This is where we'll announce some exciting new promotional offers.
Check here often for details about our free gifts and special prices.
Be sure to visit the Discounts page for our fantastic package deals.

Special Package Deals Available
From time to time, we put together special packages with some of our
most popular products.  These may provide discounts for quantity pur-
chases, or special pricing for bundles with flashlights and accessories.
Just visit our special volume Discounts page, where you can review or
purchase the terrific package deals that we've prepared for customers.
Recent offers include INOVA products, and Montane Squid X tent lights.

Custom Discount Pricing Available
We can provide pricing discounts for purchase quantities of six units or
more of any flashlight series, or twenty-four or more of any battery type.
This can be especially helpful for easing limited budgets in emergency
services departments, outdoor activity groups, or for holiday shopping.
Please contact us via email at sales@flashlightsunlimited.com, or use
our Feedback Form to describe your needs or request volume pricing.
Your special pricing arrangements can usually be made available from
this website on the same day (or the following day at the latest), so you
can use our PayPal shopping cart system and pay with your credit card.
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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent modifications to our web site.
If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, look here first.
See the Archives page for historical changes (some are no longer relevant).

20 August 2015 - Blog Topics Separated
For many years now, our website has included a page of Flashlight
Application Notes, offering interesting articles about flashlights and
batteries. But that page also had some articles that, although useful,
were not about flashlights or batteries.  Those off-topic articles have
been relocated to a entirely new page, entitled This And That (Blog).

01 August 2015 - Search Feature Restored
About a year ago, our website's internal search form was disabled,
due to removal of the Microsoft Front Page application extensions
from our web hosting server. After extensive evaluation and testing,
we have implemented a new internal search feature that utilizes the
Findberry search indexer.  This low-cost solution provides a simple
but effective interface for the search string input and the list of page
results. Although its string interpreter is less sophisticated than that
of our previous Front Page search utility, it nonetheless yields page
results that are remarkably relevant and properly ranked, with fewer
useless pages listed.  Try it today, by visiting our Search web page.

01 July 2014 - Website Server Changes
During the past week, our website has been migrated to a new and
more sophisticated server system at LFC Hosting, our services pro-
vider in Canada. The new server will deliver faster and more reliable
performance for our website, along with with improved data security.
The security enhancements included removal of outdated Microsoft
Front Page application extensions, as they are no longer supported
for updates and patches. However, some Front Page features were
used to power our customer response forms and the internal search
page on our website.  We have replaced all of our website customer
response forms  (Feedback, Survey, Invoice Request) with new and
improved ones that don't require the Front Page elements. However,
website internal search, on our Search page, is currently inoperable.

05 October 2012 - Mobile Website Added
It has come to our attention that our primary website can be difficult
to read and navigate when accessed from smart phones and other
mobile web browsers.  So, with the excellent help of the fine folks at
Movylo Shop and PayPal, we have established a crisp new mobile-
friendly website.  Viable for early feature phones as well as the very
latest smart phones, the new site provides both product details and
quick mobile purchase capability for a limited selection of our most
popular items.  The visual style of the new site has been tweaked to
match our primary site as closely as possible  (though it looks quite
different when viewed with conventional desktop browsers).  Check
out the new website at flashlightsunlimited.mobi (and also note that
you will be redirected there  automatically  whenever you attempt to
reach our primary domain from most web-capable mobile devices).
More products will be added to the mobile site each weekend, and
special offers will be posted there periodically for your review.  Note
that the mobile website is intended only for purchases from users in
the USA (all international customers must use this primary website).

15 February 2012 - Twitter Updates Added
We have been posting tweets to the Twitter micro-blogging web-
site on a regular basis, so we have added a new Twitter Updates
page to the website.  Here you will find an easy-to-use continuous
scrolling feed of our most recent  announcements and comments.
You can easily follow us on Twitter at any time just by clicking here
or using the handy link at the bottom of each page on this website.

25 June 2010 - Search Page Repaired
Early in the month of June, our websites were migrated from an
older server at our website hosting service to a much newer one.
The new server offers dramatically faster load times for our site.
This server change resulted in implementation of a later version
of the Front Page web extensions, and caused the Search page
on our website to fail, usually with "404" (page not found) errors.
Correction required changes to be made at the server, and also
in our site code, but the Search page now works better than ever.

01 February 2010 - Product Lines Restructured
Emissive Energy Corporation, creators of the highly-respected
INOVA brand of tactical and specialty flashlights, have officially
sold the entire brand line to Nite Ize Inc.  Emissive Energy Corp
retains ownership of manufacturing and distribution operations
for the INFORCE line of premium military flashlights.  Our web-
site has been restructured to differentiate the two product lines.
We are proud to offer both of these top quality flashlight brands.

04 January 2010 - Shipping Charges Revised
We regret that as of  midnight on Sunday, January 3 (Monday
morning) we must finally increase our shipping charges again,
to compensate for increases in parcel costs from commercial
carriers  and substantial rate changes from the  United States
Postal Service.  Our standard charges  for online orders have
increased by forty-five cents (US$0.45) for each merchandise
value tier.  Click here to see our revised shipping charges. As
before, our actual shipping costs for the majority of orders we
process will continue to be higher than the amount you pay us
for delivery.  Substantial ($1.95+) overpayments are refunded.

01 January 2010 - ICON Products Added
We are pleased to announce the addition of the handsome and
versatile ICON line of premium quality designer flashlights.  Our
first offerings are the superlative Rogue 1 and Rogue 2 models.

01 July 2009 - FCI Subweb Enhanced
With the addition of our unique new custom-designed FU-405
Deep Purple inspection flashlights and accessories, we have
taken the opportunity to overhaul and greatly expand our sub-
web for Fluorescent Coatings Inspection equipment.  The up-
dated subweb provides additional details and more pictures.

15 September 2008 - Coleman Section Expanded
Our listing of spare parts for the Coleman fluorescent lanterns
has been greatly expanded.  New models have been added,
along with a much wider range of tubes and other spare parts.

15 February 2008 - Product Lines Restructured
A new section has been added for the high-quality Olight line
of compact, high-power, multi-mode, tactical flashlights.  The
Emphasis! line has been given its own section, with addition
of the new Light:Flash multi-purpose power-failure task lamp.

25 June 2007 - Link Exchange Request
A new Link Exchange Request page has added to the web-
site.  This allows legitimate commercial webmasters to easily
request reciprocal link arrangements with Flashlights Unlimited.

31 May 2007 - HACKER SAFE Certification
We are delighted to announce that the Flashlights Unlimited
website has achieved a HACKER SAFE certification from
ScanAlert, Inc.  The prestigious HACKER SAFE mark is
the world's most recognized assurance of internet security.
Our website is scanned and certified daily by the ScanAlert
system.  Look for the HACKER SAFE mark at the bottom
of each page, and click it for info about ScanAlert services
HACKER SAFE has since become McAfee SECURE,
and their new logo link now appears on each of our pages.

13 May 2007 - Shipping Charges Revised
For more than five years, we have maintained the same low
shipping and handling charges, although facing rising carrier
costs and fuel surcharges.  We regret that as of midnight on
Saturday May 12 (Sunday morning) we must finally increase
our shipping charges, to compensate for increases in parcel
costs from commercial carriers and substantial rate changes
from the United States Postal Service.  Our standard charges
for online orders will increase by fifty-five cents (US $0.55) for
each merchandise value tier.  Click here to see the new rates.
As before, our actual shipping costs for most of the orders we
process will continue to be higher than the amount you pay us.
For example, we now charge $4.50 to ship a pack of MagLite
bulbs, but your speedy Priority Mail delivery will cost us $4.60.

25 March 2007 - Product Lines Restructured
The listing of product lines has been restructured so that
there are separate sections for Night-Ops and NightStar
The Night-Ops section has subsequently been removed.

10 March 2007 - AddThis Button Implemented
AddThis, the one-button social bookmarking adjunct,
has been implemented at the bottom of every page,
for the convenience of users of this popular widget.

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Usage Notes

This is where we'll provide suggestions for better use of our web site.
If you're having any problems with navigation or viewing, look here first.
See the Archives page for historical notes (some are no longer relevant).

05 June 2010 - Website Availability & Response Time
During  May and June of 2010, several very intensive  Denial of
Service attacks have been launched against one or more of the
domains managed by our web hosting provider.  These attacks
flood the hosting servers with enormous numbers of page calls,
in an attempt to overload the servers and render their websites
unusable.  Although our hosting provider makes every possible
effort to recover quickly from these assaults, they have resulted
in several brief service outages of Flashlights Unlimited and its
sister websites (see names listed below).  During the outages,
our websites may become completely inaccessible, or loading
intervals may stretch to several minutes per page.  If you exper-
ience these problems, please try to visit  with us again in about
one hour, as most attacks will be resolved and abolished within
that timeframe.  Rest assured that the McAfee Secure (formerly
Hacker Safe)  system continues to scan this website every day,
searching for any signs of corruption.  Look for McAfee Secure
certification marks at the bottom left corners of all pages on the
Flashlights Unlimited  website  (click one for additional details).

The following websites have experienced brief service outages:
    flashlightsunlimited.com  (this website)
    flashunltd.com  (redirects to flashlightsunlimited.com)
    thegypsygripper.com  (redirects to thegypsyquilter.com)

30 January 2004 - Website Content Improved
The text content of every page has been analyzed and adjusted
to ensure that only web-safe (216-color palette) colors are used
throughout the site.  This may improve readability for some web
browsers and operating system platforms.  The size of the page
header has been dramatically reduced, so that less scrolling will
be required for access to navigation features and page contents.
Structure and content of the Home page have been reorganized.

20 May 2002 - Browser Compatibility Issues Eliminated
In order to ensure that the web site is consistently accessible to the
greatest possible number of users, hover buttons and certain other
exotic web elements have been replaced with conventional images.
Hyperlink buttons incorporating custom graphics have replaced the
auto-generated navigation bars and the problematic hover buttons.

15 May 2002 - Thumbnails Reduce Load Times
Page loading times have been greatly reduced through the use of
thumbnailed images, for the individual product description pages.
In addition, you can now click on most of the product images to get
an enlarged view of the picture for more detail.  You can close the
additional browser window that is opened, after viewing the picture.

10 March 2002  -  Suggested Display Settings
This web site works best at 800 by 600 pixels or higher resolution.
It can also be viewed at 640 by 480 pixels without lateral scrolling.
The images and manuals look best with High Color or True Color
rendition.  16 and 256 color settings will misrepresent the images.

05 March 2002  -  Suggested Web Browsers
This web site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later.
Microsoft Virtual Machine extension is required for Java elements.
Keep your operating system and web browser and virus protection
software upgraded to the most recent versions for optimum results,
and to protect against  malicious websites and other online threats.

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Web Site Stats

This is where fellow geeks can review all of the juicy numbers for the Flashlights
Unlimited web site.  These statistics are tabulated with Front Page 2003 reports.
All of the content parameters shown below are subject to change on a daily basis.

Statistics Tabulation Date : 01 January 2022
Total Content File Size (Approx) : 315,565 KB

HTML Web Pages ( Non Client Specific ) : 322
HTML Web Pages ( Client User Specific ) : 2
Non-HTML & PDF Document Pages : 312
Customized Error Response Pages : 5

Total Source Files ( All File Types ) : 4688
Total Picture Files ( Images Only ) : 4137
Total Linked Files ( All File Types ) : 2679
Total Unlinked Files ( All File Types ) : 2009

Total HyperLinks ( All Link Types ) : 30564
Internal HyperLinks ( All Link Types ) : 26435
External HyperLinks ( All Link Types ) : 4129

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Date And Time

Below is a running digital clock which displays the current calendar date and local time.
The clock source is your own computer system.  The time is shown in a 24-hour format.

Current Date And Local Time

Click here for worldwide time and date details: The World Clock

This display is provided for the convenience of our visitors. Click
on the underlined link to open a useful global time map web site.
It includes lookup features, zone maps, moon phases, and more.

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Savannah Weather

Below is a handsome weather window that displays a detailed five-day forecast
for the Savannah Georgia area.  This free widget is provided by theweather.com.

This display is provided for the curiosity of our visitors.  Click on the underlined link
above to get complete weather information and maps for any location on the globe.

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Food Safety

Below is a widget that delivers important food safety recall information and alerts, plus
handy food safety tips for consumers, provided totally free of charge by foodsafety.gov.

This display is provided for the education of our visitors.  Click on the widget link above
to visit the web site, for additional information and resources about food product safety.

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